Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clean Cars for Cash and Cans

We held our second annual ward service project: Clean Cars for Cash and Cans to benefit the Utah County Food and Care Coalition! There was the car wash, headed up by Dave (all business):Co-captain Barb:He had LOTS of help:

Everyone had lots of fun and lots of cars got cleaned!

Down at the other end of the block - The Bake Sale: staffed by Cherish and Amber, who just miss being on the activities committee so much, that they came to help:

And, of course, Free Snow Cones!

A Big Thank You to all of the people in the ward and neighborhood who helped wash cars, bake items, and came to donate! We raised $249 in cash and donated 329 pounds of food!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ward Hike

On Saturday, July 17th the ward hiked to Stewart Falls.

Amber Wolf, Denan Cox, Brenda Sommers

Penick Family

Hunter Family

Macfarlane Family

Kelemen Family

Afterwords we all enjoyed ICE CREAM!!